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The GlobWave User Group

The formation of the User Group began with an Ocean Wave Data User Workshop which was held at Ifremer in September 2007. Attendees were invited to provide a statement of requirements and commit to work with the GlobWave project. The GlobWave User Group is a set of about 35 people who submitted their requirements and a commitment to the project in writing to ESA. The full set of User Group organisations is listed together with the Project Consortium in the Partners subsection.

 Additionally, each member of the User Group has agreed to devote resources to help achieve the objectives of the project by:

  • Assisting in the definition of a service that satisfies the user requirements

  • Facilitating access to suitable in situ and any other ancillary data available to them, for the purposes of implementing and validating the required products and services

  • Assisting Logica to compile annual users' assessments of the GlobWave project by providing the necessary feedback

  • Advising ESA on acceptance of key project deliverables and progression of the project.

In return for their efforts, User Group members will be consulted throughout the project development with the potential of shaping the products and services that are made available. Also by contributing data, User Group members will be able to ensure the outputs of GlobWave are relevant to specific areas of interest.

There will be three annual User Consultation Meetings (UCM's) which will be held towards the end of each phase of the project. This will enable users to provide face-to-face feedback on the GlobWave initiative and contribute their valuable ideas and experience. The first consultation with users was the Ocean Wave Data User Workshop. The next UCM will be scheduled towards the end of January 2010, and invitations to the User Group will be sent out well in advance.

We would like to engage the entire global wave community with the GlobWave initiative and so we invite you to register your details on the GlobWave portal and even become a member of the User Group. All registered members will have access to regular progress updates and a bi-annual newsletter. We are also investigating initiatives to connect the wave community of users together, possibly via blogs or specialist mailing lists e.g. ocean modelling, satellite wave data, etc. Your ideas and input regarding this process are welcomed, so contact the project team by sending an email to Geoff Busswell.