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In situ Products

While the project will strive to ingest more in situ data sources a number of in situ data sources will be used as a starting point based on the geographic location, size of network and the provision of quality checked data.

 Data for Europe is currently provided by the POSEIDON network provided by HCMR, Puertos del Estados – a Spanish government organisation that has several measurement networks to provide information about the physical features (including wave behaviour), UK Met Office which owns a network of buoys covering areas in regional UK waters and the Atlantic Ocean and, Meteo-France - the French national meteorological organisation which owns a network of buoys covering areas off the coast of France in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans.

Other networks include the NODC - the National Oceanographic Data Centre owns one of the largest buoy archives in the world. The archive contains several hundred US-owned buoys across the world measuring a multitude of wave parameters, and CDIP - the Coastal Data Information Program measures, analyses, archives and disseminates coastal environment data for use by coastal engineers. CDIP maintains a buoy network of the California coasts which measures wave parameters.