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The Naiad system is a highly powerful and open framework for the dissemination of voluminous multi-parameter swath data.

Naiad medium

Naiad is developed by Ifremer (and supported by ESA and EUMETSAT) and is used in the frame of the Ocean & Sea-Ice SAF (OSI SAF), GMES/MyOcean and many other contexts to provide ocean satellite tailored to user need. It provides unique features such as multi-criteria data search, sub-setting, re-gridding, satellite track preview, cross-satellite collocation capabilities, visualization and automatic generation and dissemination of customized products directly to users and is based on existing standards (OpenDAP). It greatly facilitates, through advanced thematic indexing of the data content (and not only shape or coverage) the search and extraction of swath data and the implementation of advanced data mining applications.

Naiad offers support to most of GlobWave data that can be discovered and accessed though a user-friendly user interface. For more information please refer to the Naiad website.

Naiad is not just a web-interface but a complete client/server frameworks with various possible ways for users to interact with the system. In particular it is based on webservices which allow easy request scripting for automated queries for instance. An example of that can be found here.