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GlobWave User Meeting

The 3rd GlobWave User Meeting took place on 7-8 November 2012 at the European Maritime Safety Agency in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting contained a number of presentations by both the GlobWave team and users of the data alongside a tour of the EMSA facilities and demonstrations of the GlobWave on-line tools.

The programme for the Globwave User Meeting is described below.

The User Meeting presentations are available below.

Wednesday 7th November 2012

Plenary Session: Welcome and meeting objectives

Simon Pinnock, ESA - Meeting Objectives

Geoff Busswell, Logica - Project GlobWave: Uptake & Applications: Globwave UCM3 Busswell

Samuel Djavidnia, EMSA - The European Maritime Safety Agency: GlobWave UCM3 Djavidnia

Session 1: Calibration and Validation Session

Ellis Ash, SatOC - Product User Guide & Handbook: Globwave UCM3 Ash

Ellis Ash, SatOC - GlobWave Quality & Statistics Reports: Globwave UCM3 Ash2

Fabrice Collard, CLS - Dynamic validation of Globwave SAR wave spectra data using an observation-based swell model: Globwave UCM3 Collard

Walt McCall, NOAA - U.S. National Data Buoy Centre Applications of the GlobWave Data-set: Globwave UCM3 McCall

Session 2: Panel Discussion - User Feedback for Setting Future Priorities

Panel Discussion - User Feedback for Setting Future Priorities: Globwave UCM3 Panel

Session 3: Applications Session

Martin Rutherford, RAN - Use of GlobWave data by the Royal Australian Navy: Globwave UCM3 Rutherford

Augusto Neves, University of Cadiz - Trend in wave heights in the Brazilian coast and their impacts on offshore activities: Globwave UCM3 Neves

Mike Morrone, Oceanweather - Global Distributions and associated synoptic climatology of Very Extreme Sea States (VESS): Globwave UCM3 Morrone

David Carter, SatOC - North Sea Wave Climate Derived from Altimeter Data: Globwave UCM3 Carter

Session 4: Wider Wave & Ocean Community Session

Celine Tison, CNES - Overview of the near real-time wave products of the CFOSAT Mission: Globwave UCM3_Tison

Phillip Harwood, Logica - eSurge: Increasing update of Storm Surge Data Products: Globwave UCM3_Harwood

Olivier Arino, ESA - The DUE GlobCurrent Project: Globwave UCM3 Arino

Simon Pinnock, ESA - Sentinel-3 Capabilities for Wave-related Measurements: Globwave UCM3_Pinnock

Thursday 8th November 2012

Session 5: Wave Data Inter-comparisons Session

Maureen Pagnani, NOC - HR-DDS & Pilot Spatial Wave Forecast Verification Scheme: Globwave UCM3_Bidlot

Sonia Ponce de Leon, UTL & CENTEC - Extreme swell in a NA winter storm based on WAM modeland altimetry: Globwave UCM3 Leon

Jesus Portilla, USFQ - Wave energy resource assessment in the Equatorial Pacific Zone

Paulo Salles, UNAM - GlobWave L2P data used for assessment of wave models

Location : National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork, IrelandDates : From 05/10/2011 to 06/10/2011 The second GlobWave User Meeting was hosted at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) in Cork on the 5 & 6th October 2011. The event began on the morning of the 5th and concluded at lunchtime on the 6th. The goal of the meeting was to allow participants to explain how the GlobWave data is…