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The objective of the GlobWave project is to improve the uptake of satellite-derived wind-wave and swell data by the scientific, operational and commercial user community. The project covers the development of an integrated set of information services based on satellite wave data, and the operation and maintenance of these services for a demonstration period.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing and maintaining the GlobWave web portal providing a single point of reference for satellite wave data and associated calibration ad validation information.
  • Intercomparison of SAR and altimeter wave data with collocated in-situ measurements, and cross characterisation between different satellite data streams and between satellite and wave model data.
  • Provision via the GlobWave web portal of a uniform, harmonised, quality controlled, multi-sensor ser of satellite wave data and ancillary information, in a common format, with consistent characterisation of errors and biases.
  • Development and demonstration of a pilot extension of the JCOMM Wave Forecast Verification Scheme to include spatial intercomparison with satellite wave data sets.