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Institut Français de Recherche et d'Exploitation de la Mer

Ifremer provides numerous services and products related to research and exploration of the sea. This covers a wide range of activities, from disseminating information on programme results, to customised services based on the scientific and technical skills and investigation facilities which are the institute's assets. Within the scope of the GlobWave project, Ifremer is involved through its Center for Satellite Exploitation and Research (CERSAT) for its expertise on satellite wave measurements and data management. It will host the operational system.


Jean-François Piollé

Ifremer - CERSAT
Site de la Pointe du Diable
29280 Plouzané

Key people

Piollé Jean-François

Responsible of CERSAT data management and processing.

Queffeulou Pierre

Satellite altimetry wave retrieval and cross-comparison

Chapron Bertrand

Satellite SAR wave spectra retrieval