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Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Ltd

Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Limited (SatOC) was founded in 2008 by Dr David Cotton and Dr Ellis Ash, both with over 12 years experience of consultancy and applied research in satellite oceanography. SatOC's principal expertise is on the analysis and applications of data from satellite altimetry, especially wind and wave data. SatOC also has a good working knowledge of wave data from SAR satellites. We have worked extensively with these data in three key areas: near real-time processing and dissemination of data products to users; altimeter calibration and validation; wind and wave statistics. In GlobWave we are working on altimeter data processing, error characterisation and statistics, demonstration products and user documentation.

Key people

Ash Ellis

Data Management and Processing, Quality Control, Demo Products

Cotton David

Altimeter Quality Control, Verification and User Consultation

Carter David

Altimeter Quality Control, Error statistics and Data Handbook