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The Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) is organised as a partnership between regional groups responsible for generating SST products, to a common GHRSST specification, within a limited geographical area.

Several such regional data assembly centres (RDACs) are envisaged. Their primary task is to collate all level 2 satellite SST measurements within their region, perform quality assessment and reissue the data in a common format, including a measure of the quality of every measurement, suitable for model assimilation. These are called GHRSST L2P data. They will also pair in-situ measurements of SST with corresponding satellite data to produce a match-up database (GHRSST MDB). One or more global data assembly centres (GDACs) will then use the output from the RDACs to produce global analysed SST products (called GHRSST L4 data), using well defined procedures to harmonise the discrepancies between SSTs from different types of sensor, and to fill sampling gaps.