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COASTALT is a project funded by ESA, with the main objective to move pulse-limited coastal Altimetry towards an operational status by defining and testing a new coastal radar Altimeter product so that ESA can routinely generate and distribute the Envisat coastal Altimetry product.

COASTALT partners, led by NOCS, aim to carry out an extensive study of the possible improvements in geophysical corrections in coastal zones and, identify the best strategies for the generation of these corrections. The project will assess the capabilities of physically-based retrackers in the coastal ocean, testing novel retracking schemes and strategies, identifying the best candidate strategy for immediate operational application and producing a fully usable prototype of that retracker, while at the same time seeding the research into the next generation or retrackers for Sentinel-3. Performance of the new retracked products will be assessed over three regions with different characteristics, where a host of in-situ measurements are available for validation.