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The HR-DDS is an online, interactive archive and analysis tool for SST data.

Built as a core component of the GHRSST Pilot Project under the ESA Medspiration project, and later under the MERSEA and NCOF initiatives, the HR-DDS provides a unique tool for analysing and inter-comparing all forms of Sea Surface Temperature data whether from satellite, in situ, model or interpolated sources.

Through the operational real-time production of colocated common format subsets at over 250 sites across the global ocean, the HR-DDS user may quickly perform local, regional or global analysis of nearly 40 SST products. The HR-DDS web portal is linked to a fast database containing hundreds of milions of pre-analysed statistics from the input data, along with relevant ancillary fields. Dynamically generated plots and difference maps are also easily produced with the HR-DDS, which is currently being used for algorithm development activities, instrument validation, operational monitoring and data exploration.