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The Archimede project is an initiative promoted by APAT for the collation and standardisation of data on waves, sea levels, currents and meteorological measurements.

The project is a result of the requirement for the availability of vast quantities of existing data on coastal marine climate from one location presented in a standardised format and, to alleviate the difficulties in obtaining specific datasets for climate studies or numerical model calibration.The project commenced in February 2005 with the aim of retrieving historical datasets of meteo-marine observations, currently dispersed among numerous public and private institutions, to elaborate them and create a national database accessible for all activities related to the coastal-marine field. The database guarantees the homogeneity of the quality checking procedures and the system modularity enables the extraction of information by spatial-temporal selections or by measurement platforms. The database constitutes data from the APAT Data Bank, OGS, University of Salerno and Snamprogetti S.p.A.