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WorldWaves is a commercial product developed over many years by Fugro OCEANOR through a series of national, European research projects (including ESA funding) and in-house funding starting in the early 1990s with the aim to commercialise remotely sensed data.

Today, WorldWaves consists of the following elements:

  • Global offshore wave and wind time series database on 0.5x0.5º grid (up to 50-years and full directional wave spectra are available as well as parameter data), fully calibrated and homogenised against multiple satellite Altimeter data, which is updated monthly. Fugro OCEANOR signed a global agreement with ECMWF in 2002 for access to its global wave and wind archives (the main requirement for WorldWaves was for long-term time series of preferably ”hourly” directional wave spectra worldwide of high quality, the latter being assured by the active assimilation of data from over 20 satellite sensors).
  • The shallow water SWAN model together with tools for easily establishing computational grids and editing bathymetric data. It enables the provision of wave statistics, wave parameter or full directional wave spectra time series at any coastal site.
  • An advanced statistical module for calculation of offshore and nearshore wave statistics.

WorldWaves is both sold as a complete package, providing global coverage as well as by region, by country and even site-specific. It is also used internally by Fugro OCEANOR and Fugro GEOS in consultancy work as the primary tool used to provide wave climate data anywhere worldwide. It is also used as a tool by Fugro forecasters for shallow water forecasting.

This fusion of numerical wave models with observations enables wave conditions to be mapped anywhere on the globe within the last 15 to 40 years, depending on the location. A detailed set of statistics is available which includes direction spectra and bathymetry information.