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January 2013

This is the project summary covering progress in January 2013.

Work continues on finalising the updates to the online tool.

January saw the submission of the majority of the final project deliverables including the updated Product User Guide, Spatial WFVS Report, Annual User Assessment, Biannual Newsletter and Final Report. January also saw work finish on the various GlobWave matchups, which will be reviewed for the remaining major project deliverable, the Annual Quality Control Report. The eight, and final, QQCR was also submitted in early January and is available on the GlobWave portal.

During January 7 PS-WFVS reports, from NOAA-NCEP, FNMOC, ECMWF, UKMO, PREVIMER, Puertos del Estado and BOM, were automatically generated together and used in the ensemble reports. Delays in receiving the data from Metéo-France have meant this report was unable to be produced.

No news items were published on the GlobWave portal in January.

Finally, preparations began in January for the Final Project Review meeting and the hand-over to the team managing the follow-on project.