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October 2012

This is the project summary covering progress in October 2012.

Work continues on the updated Calypso online tool. This tool will be demonstrated at the forthcoming GlobWave user meeting and released sometime afterwards.

The 3rd QQCR for 2012 has been submitted and is available on the GlobWave portal. Work has begun on the Annual Quality Control Report. Murray Brown has published a revised version of his tutorial for accessing, downloading and displaying GlobWave data, which can be accessed through the GlobWave tutorials and case studies area.

Eight PS-WFVS reports were generated in October. Of these seven were fully automated whereas it is hoped the Meteo-France become fully automated in the near future. A number of improvements to the PS-WFVS system also took place in October, including moving the operational server, and a number of improvements in response to user feedback.

Final preparations for the GlobWave User Meeting on the 7th and 8th November continue. A final version of the User meeting agenda has been released onto the portal.