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Friday, 16 November 2012 12:48

CryoSat-2 data now routinely updated !

The CryoSat-2 altimeter data are now produced in GlobWave L2P format in slightly delayed mode.

A few months ago, we started delivering wave along-track data from CryoSat2 in the same GlobWave L2P format as other altimeters. The dataset was periodically updated every 6 months like other GDR (Geophysical Dataset Records) datasets. However since they are produced from NOAA Interim Geophysical Data Records (IGDR) L2 data, they can be made available with a much shorter delay (about 2 days after acquisition). The processing chain has therefore been transfered into automatic mode and the GlobWave CryoSat-2 data are now processed and made available on GlobWave portal as soon as input L2 is delivered by ESA.

These CryoSat-2 data are now transfered to the Near-Real Time section of our FTP server (password protected).

Please click here to find out how to access - and get login/password to - CryoSAT and other GlobWave datasets.