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Sunday, 04 November 2012 12:50

Jason-1 Geodetic Mission GlobWave data now available

Since 8th May 2012 Jason-1 Geodetic data has been available as a GlobWave NRT data stream, replacing the previous Jason-1 data stream.

The Geodetic mission was a result of a change in orbit of the Jason-1 satellite due concerns about the future of the mission after two earlier equipment failures. To ensure continuation of the mission it was decided to move the satellite into a new geodetic orbit that would ensure continuing operations. This orbit manoeuvre was initiated on April 23rd and the normal instrument operations began on May 7th.

Moving the Jason-1 satellite to this new, long-repeat orbit will provide valuable new information about the marine gravity field, although it would break the synchronisation between Jason-1 and Jason-2, causing at least a 30% increase in sampling error. A calibration and validation period has begun since the movement to this new orbit so please use caution when using the new geodetic data, although Significant Wave Height should remain the same.

More information on the Geodetic mission can be found here or for further updates on the Jason-1 Geodetic mission please visit the NASA PO.DAAC portal.