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Monday, 03 September 2012 12:52

New User Case studies & tutorials

GlobWave-LogoThe GlobWave Case Study and Tutorials section has been updated to include more user experiences.

A number of GlobWave users have kindly created a number of case studies and tutorials that describe how they have used GlobWave data. These include:

  • A tutorial that describes how to use MATLAB code to extract and process GlobWave data to perform a hindcast analysis on wave models in the Gulf of Mexico using GlobWave L2P satellite data. Both the tutorial script and the MATLAB code are available for download.
  • A case study that shows how HR Wallingford use GlobWave data to validate both wave and wind models in different parts of the world.
  • A tutorial that describes how the US Navy's Research Laboratory used merged altimeter data to evaluate different WaveWatch III hindcast models.
  • A tutorial by UNESCO / IOC to show how to download and display, with a range of visualisations, GlobWave NRT Altimeter data.
  • A case study that shows how Oceanweather Inc used GlobWave data to scan for global occurences of storm peaks.
  • A case study that shows how GlobWave data was used to investigate the meteorological and climatic factors affecting piracy activities in the Indian Ocean.

These case studies and tutorials can be found in the GlobWave Tools section, which has also been updated to include additional MATLAB code for viewing and processing GlobWave data.