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Monday, 29 April 2013 00:00

GlobWave Final Report now available

The GlobWave project has now completed its initial contract.

As part of the end of project activities the GlobWave team has produced a Final Report, which provides a very useful overview of the achievements in the project. 

This Final report describes how since the project kicked off in January 2009 the numbers of users, portal hits and data downloads has significantly increased, with 244 current registered users and over 2 million GlobWave files downloaded in one month alone during 2012.  A wide user base of GlobWave services currently exists, consisting of commercial companies (particularly in the energy sector), national meteorological agencies, academic institutions and various military organisations. A number of associated case studies have been provided on the portal.

As has previously been announced, the GlobWave data products and portal will continue to be maintained by Ifremer for the foreseeable future, ensuring the further increase in use of satellite-derived wave data.