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Fireworks consists of swell tracking animations of SAR observed swell snapshots at several successive dates from observations back or forward in time after simple linear wave propagation.

 Significant wave height is propagated from original observation using energy dissipation function derived from 3 years or wave mode data collected along several storm swell propagation trajectories. This swell tracking is performed every morning over the 3 main oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Indian). The time step of the animation is 3 hours. The colour is coding the dominant wave length equivalent to swell period in deep water.

Globwave-Screenshot-Image largeFigure 4?4: Snapshot of Swell Field from Fireworks Product

Figure 4?4 shows a still-shot of such a swell system propagation using the wave spectra measured by the Envisat ASAR instrument. The colour is proportional to the wave length of the wave systems observed. The updated animated propagation can be viewed at: under the swell tracking section.

Integrated parameters of each individual component of each swell systems (dominant period, dominant direction and significant swell wave height) at each given time step will also be shortly available in numerical format (NetCDF) from Globwave web portal.

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