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Legal notice & acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge the use of input data streams from ESA, EUMETSAT, PO.DAAC and NOAA and we thank them for the assistance they have provided.

By accessing the GlobWave ftp site users are accepting the following terms and conditions regarding the use of GlobWave data:

"GlobWave data is public domain and may be used, copied and distributed free of charge. GlobWave data may be exploited commercially to develop revenue-generating services where measurable value is added to the GlobWave data by a service provider. Distribution or copying of unmodified GlobWave data for commercial purposes or financial gain is strictly prohibited. Users are required to acknowledge GlobWave in any resulting papers, products, presentations or other outreach material.

Any data made available through GlobWave is not guaranteed to be: up to date, true, not misleading, free from viruses (or anything else which may have a harmful effect on any technology), or to always be available for use.

No liability shall be accepted for any losses incurred as a result of the use of this data."