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This area of the portal gives access to third party tools which can subset satellite wave data and visualise wave parameters. In the coming months there will be an online tool available via GlobWave to query the satellite vs in situ match-up database (MDB). In addition there will be online tools via the GlobWave HR-DDS to visualise satellite-model intercomparions.

The GlobWave Online Tool allow visualisation and interactive analysis to various data used or produced by GlobWave project for the validation or inter-comparison with satellite data, such as buoys, satellite/buoy matchups or model outputs. This application has been implemented by Ifremer/Cersat and requires flash plugin on your navigator.

Access the online tool here!

The GlobWave HR-DDS will be available in the coming months.

Case studies and tutorials

These case studies and tutorials have been provided by GlobWave users to demonstrate the range of applications GlobWave data can be used for.

The case studies shows the range of applications that GlobWave data has been used for whereas the tutorials can be used to by anyone to make themselves more familiar with the various processing procedures that can be applied to the data.


3rd party online tools

Here we provide information and external links regarding online data subsetting and visualisation tools available via public and private sector organisations.


3rd party software solutions

Here we provide information and external links regarding downloadable software packages suitable for reading and visualising GlobWave data. These software solutions are available via public and private sector organisations.

The links below describe in more detail the software most commonly used for viewing netCDF marine data. For a more comprehensive and dynamic list of software suitable for netCDF and more general marine data processing please visit either UNIDATA or the Marine Data Literacy websites.