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World Wave Atlas

World Wave Atlas 2.0 (WWA) is Fugro OCEANOR's global satellite Altimeter database and software package, sold commercially since 1994.

 All fully calibrated (against buoy data) and quality controlled satellite Altimeter wind and wave data at 1 second resolution, are provided globally. The along-track data are sorted globally into 10x10º area files, making access for end clients quicker for a particular area or location. The minimum area sold is a single 10x10º area. The data is updated monthly and is available from a number of missions such as GEOSAT, GFO, Topex, Jason, Envisat and Topex2 (new orbit; 2002-2005). It is also planned to offer Jason-2 data. The WWA data base is also an integral part of WorldWaves as it is used in validating and calibrating the global ECMWF model data. Wave parameters provided are significant wave height from the Altimeter.

For further information please visit the World Wave Atlas web pages.