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3rd party software solutions

Here we provide information and external links regarding downloadable software packages suitable for reading and visualising GlobWave data. These software solutions are available via public and private sector organisations.

The links below describe in more detail the software most commonly used for viewing netCDF marine data. For a more comprehensive and dynamic list of software suitable for netCDF and more general marine data processing please visit either UNIDATA or the Marine Data Literacy websites.

HDFView 2.7 allows the visualization of HDF and NetCDF grids and conversion to TXT grids.

IDV 3.0 is a framework for analyzing and displaying geoscience data. Developed using Java, VisAD and other component libraries, the IDV emphasizes interactive 3-Dimensional visualization and integration of diverse data types.

Panoply 3.0.5 displays NetCDF, HDF and GRIB data and can export XYZ tables.

MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. GlobWave users have developed code that can extract, display and processed GlobWave L2P data.