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How to access and display GlobWave NRT data

Murray Brown from the UNESCO/IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange's (IODE) OceanTeacher program has developed an online tutorial using GlobWave data. The lesson teaches users how to access the GlobWave portal and download Near Real Time (NRT) ENVISAT and JASON 1&2Altimeter data, open the netCDF files using the Integrated Data Viewer and display multiple datasets of altimeter point data with a range of visualisations.

Please click here to access the lesson.


By the end of the lesson, the user can start to make comparisons between the various Surface Wave height point datasets displayed simultaneously within the IDV, as shown below:

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This lesson is hosted on the Marine Data Literacy website, which provides instruction for handling (managing, converting, analyzing and displaying) oceanographic station data, marine meteorological data, GIS-compatible marine and coastal data and mapped remote sensing imagery.

The lesson is part of the Operational Oceanography: Synoptic Views of the Sea (2011) course, whose goal is to demonstrate the range of ocean data resources available from operational programs, which can be assembled, synthesised and displayed in a single software platform.

The Operational Oceanography course is hosted by Ocean Teacher, a web-based training system for ocean data managers (working in ocean data centres), marine information managers (marine libraries) as well as for marine researchers who wish to acquire knowledge on data and also for individuals in other related disciplines. The courses are based on 3 resources: The annotated outlines; the resource materials (i.e. reading) in our Digital Library; and a large collection of practical exercises.

Murray Brown has been training young scientists in marine data management for UNESCO/IOC's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange's (IODE) OceanTeacher program for almost exactly 20 years now. He is also responsible for the IODE's 'help desk'.

This material described here is in the public domain. Please cite the author, Murray Brown, in any use you make of this lesson.

For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .