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Jason-1 Poseidon Altimeter unavailability and low STR tracking

Following the Jason-1 fixed-yaw transition on 19-July-2010, the star tracker (STR1) performance is once again degraded, with very low tracking performance related to the bad Beta angle environment. This loss of STR tracking generates significant off-nadir pointing in NRT products and frequent altimeter loss of lock and resets that affect all science products.

Since the yaw flip performed on Sunday, 25-July-2010, the situation has continued to degrade and the Jason-1 Poseidon altimeter has exhibited very poor performance which has impacted the availability of NRT, OSDR and GDR products.

It is expected that the STR1 and Poseidon altimeter performance will improve after Saturday, 31-July-2001, when Jason-1 returns to a yaw-steering configuration.

We will provide an update as soon as the situation improves.

“As noted previously, Jason-1 Science Cycles 315 and 316 are also being impacted by ongoing hydrazine depletion maneuvers which are scheduled to conclude on WEDNESDAY, 04-AUGUST-2010.”