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2n User Consultation Meeting

Location : National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork, Ireland
Dates : From 05/10/2011 to 06/10/2011

The second GlobWave User Meeting was hosted at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) in Cork on the 5 & 6th October 2011. The event began on the morning of the 5th and concluded at lunchtime on the 6th.

The goal of the meeting was to allow participants to explain how the GlobWave data is being used through a series of lectures and posters, and for the project team to outline the latest developments.

In addition to the wide-ranging and interesting talks, the meeting included a tour of the NMCI facilities (including a Marine Simulator and Wave Tank) and a free evening networking event with dinner and drinks.

The Programme Committee also selected a number of abstracts for travel support.

The meeting agenda and presentation are presented here.

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Plenary Session: Welcome and meeting objectives

Simon Pinnock, ESA - Meeting Objectives: Globwave UCM2 Pinnock

Geoff Busswell, Logica - Overview of Project GlobWave: Globwave UCM2 Busswell

Session 1: Calibration and Validation Session

Ellis Ash, SatOC & Fabrice Collard, CLS - Product User Guide & Handbook: Globwave UCM2 Ash

Pierre Queffeulou, Ifremer - Wave Height Measurements from Altimeters: Validation Status & Applications: Globwave UCM2 Queffeulou

Fabrice Collard, CLS - Demo of Matchup Online Tool: Globwave UCM2 Collard

Ellis Ash, SatOC & Fabrice Collard, CLS - GlobWave Quality & Statistics Reports: Globwave UCM2 Ash2

Session 2: Applications Session

Helen Snaith, NOC - eSurge: Increasing the Uptake of Storm Surge Data Products: Globwave UCM2 Snaith

Valerie Cummins, MERC3 - Harnessing EO for Ireland's Maritime and Energy Research Campus and Commercial Cluster: Globwave UCM2 Cummins

Laure Grignon, HR Wallingford - Using GlobWave Products for Research and Consultancy: Globwave UCM2 Grignon

Carlos Berna Esteban, HR Wallingford - SeaZone Hydro Spatial II: GlobWave as Input Data Source for Remote Sensing Derived Data Layers for Marine Offshore Applications: Globwave UCM2 Esteban

Tony Lewis, UCC - Wave Information Requirements for Development and Deployment of Ocean Energy Devices: Globwave UCM2 Lewis

Jenny Hanafin, Ifremer - Identification of Swell Fields from Particular Storm Sources in SAR and Wave Model Data, and Analysis of the Far-field Structures of Open Ocean Storms: Globwave UCM2 Hanafin

Session 3: Future Concepts Session

Olivier Arino, ESA - DUE GlobCurrent User Consultation: Globwave UCM2 Arino

Daniele Hauser, CNRS - On the Interest of GlobWave in the Context of the Future CFOSAT Mission: Globwave UCM2 Hauser

Craig Donlon, ESA - Sentinel-3 Capabilities for Wave-related Measurements: Globwave UCM2 Donlon

Thursday 6th October 2011

Session 4: Wave Data Inter-comparisons Session

Dave Poulter, NOC - HR-DDS & Pilot Spatial Wave Forecast Verification Scheme: Globwave UCM2 Poulter

Jesus Portilla, Universidad San Francisco de Quito - Characterisation of the Wave Conditions in the Equatorial Pacific Zone Using Wave Model Data, Satellite Observations and In Situ Measurements: Globwave UCM2 Portilla

Jean-Michel Lefevre, Meteo-France - GlobWave contribution to global and regional wave forecasting: Globwave UCM2 Lefevre

Susanne Lehner, DLR - SAR Sea State Measurements over North Atlantic Storms in Comparison to Model Results: Globwave UCM2 Lehner

Andy Saulter, UK Met Office - Combining GlobWave and In Situ Verification Products for Assessment of the Met Office Operational Global Wave Model: Globwave UCM2 Saulter

Session 5: Panel Discussion - User Feedback for Setting Future Priorities

Panel Discussion -User Feedback for Setting Future Priorities: Globwave UCM2 Busswell2